Day Two





Registration and welcome coffee

Opening remarks from the Chair

Phil Gray
Lions not Dogs

Enhancing Customer Experience

International Keynote: Personalising the customer journey - utilising technology to enhance CX
  • How can banks best predict the what, when and where of customer needs?
  • What role do new data sources like AI, robotics and IoT have to play?
  • The intrusion of privacy: how far should personalisation go?

Colin Dinn
Chief Technology Officer
Siam Commercial Bank

Transforming the organisation for a digital economy: creating an agile and customer centric culture
  • How to create successful partnerships – from selection to integration
  • Building the enterprise culture to align technology and business teams
  • Regaining customer trust through new technology and innovative products
  • How are banks becoming more innovative and agile?

Andy Weir
Executive General Manager Bankwest Technology & Transformation
Bank West

Morning break

The impact of increased regulation on competition - post-Royal Commission

While the Hayne Royal Commission didn’t recommend a whole swathe of new laws, there is no doubt that its reverberations will be felt for years to come. The banking sector is facing increased scrutiny by regulators, a range of new laws that create new obligations and consumer protections, and industry responses through changes to code, remunerations structures and culture and governance settings. This presentation will investigate:

  • The post-RC regulatory environment
  • The potential impact for competition in banking
  • What can be done to ensure consumers are protected from misconduct in a way that doesn’t stifle competition

Luke Lawler
Director – Policy
Customer Owned Banking Association

Banky McBank Face: Millenials are ruining everything, but is it all their fault?
  • Exploring the biggest advantage challenger banks have in redesigning the parameters of financial products to make them more useful for a younger market
  • With credit products in particular being 10 years behind the thinking of the target demographic, how can challengers lean into the opportunity?
  • How financial institutions can and should empower consumers with more relevant and accessible products through open data and money management

Oliver Kidd
Chief Executive Officer

Open Banking & API’s

Risks and opportunities with open banking models
  • Balancing open data with customer experience and expectation
  • Building trust through data governance
  • Understanding what the introduction of new technology and platforms mean for the industry
  • Managing 3rd party collaboration in the new open banking regime

Partner presentation

Open banking data: how it underpins the digital economy
  • Understanding what the next digital economy will bring and what new services will be enabled
  • Setting the right tone: open data banking to enhance the customer experience
  • Creating a 99% automated customer journey: what does that look like?
  • Finding the ideal balance between automation and human service

Brentyn Parkin
Executive Director of Community Information Support Services
Open Data Institute

Networking lunch

Stimulating Innovation

Changing banking for good
  • What cultural and emotional baggage are we bringing to our money?
  • What does a low interest, low inflation future mean?
  • How do people need to think differently to adapt?
  • How do banks need to adapt to these different thinkers?

Eric Wilson
CEO & founder

Guiding innovation in digital banking applications from concept to implementation

Innovation and developing new solutions to digitise core business processes in the global banking sector has never been more critical. Implementing digital technologies and new delivery platforms that enhance efficiencies and the customer experience is key to gaining or maintaining competitive advantage. This session will explore how to guide the essential innovation process from conception to completion.

Phil Gray
Lions not Dogs

Afternoon tea break

Barriers of customer adoption for future banking
  • Paving the way for future banking and how to generate CX loyalty
  • Integrating value-added services into e-payments
  • What are the real barriers to customer adoption: poor service or personal preference?
  • How to stand out from the crowd and relying on more than brand loyalty to bolster e-wallet adoption

Partner presentation 

New banking models; how financial services are currently being deconstructed with services being delivered more effectively by more nimble fintechs

This session will highlight a case study on investment in debt management fintech.

Josh Foreman
Founder / CEO

Kara Frederick
Managing Director
Tiger Financial Group

Closing remarks from the Chair and end of the conference