Day Two





Registration and welcome coffee

Opening remarks from the Chair

Dimitrios Salampasis
Director – Master of Financial Technologies
Swinburne University of Technology

Enhancing Customer Experience

International Keynote: Personalising the customer journey - utilising technology to enhance CX
  • How can banks best predict the what, when and where of customer needs?
  • What role do new data sources like AI, robotics and IoT have to play?
  • The intrusion of privacy: how far should personalisation go?

Colin Dinn
Former Chief Technology Officer
Siam Commercial Bank

Transforming the organisation for a digital economy: creating an agile and customer centric culture
  • How to create successful partnerships – from selection to integration
  • Building the enterprise culture to align technology and business teams
  • Regaining customer trust through new technology and innovative products
  • How are banks becoming more innovative and agile?

Andy Weir
Executive General Manager Bankwest Technology & Transformation
Bank West

Morning break

The impact of increased regulation on competition - post-Royal Commission

While the Hayne Royal Commission didn’t recommend a whole swathe of new laws, there is no doubt that its reverberations will be felt for years to come. The banking sector is facing increased scrutiny by regulators, a range of new laws that create new obligations and consumer protections, and industry responses through changes to code, remunerations structures and culture and governance settings. This presentation will investigate:

  • The post-RC regulatory environment
  • The potential impact for competition in banking
  • What can be done to ensure consumers are protected from misconduct in a way that doesn’t stifle competition

Luke Lawler
Director – Policy
Customer Owned Banking Association

Banky McBank Face: Millenials are ruining everything, but is it all their fault?
  • Exploring the biggest advantage challenger banks have in redesigning the parameters of financial products to make them more useful for a younger market
  • With credit products in particular being 10 years behind the thinking of the target demographic, how can challengers lean into the opportunity?
  • How financial institutions can and should empower consumers with more relevant and accessible products through open data and money management

Oliver Kidd
Chief Executive Officer

Open Banking & API’s

Open banking data: how it underpins the digital economy
  • Understanding what the next digital economy will bring and what new services will be enabled
  • Setting the right tone: open data banking to enhance the customer experience
  • Creating a 99% automated customer journey: what does that look like?
  • Finding the ideal balance between automation and human service

Brentyn Parkin
Executive Director of Community Information Support Services
Open Data Institute

Networking lunch

Stimulating Innovation

Changing banking for good
  • What cultural and emotional baggage are we bringing to our money?
  • What does a low interest, low inflation future mean?
  • How do people need to think differently to adapt?
  • How do banks need to adapt to these different thinkers?

Camilla Cooke
Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer

The intent of open banking in Australia
  • Understanding the benefits and challenges of open banking
  • Sharing insights from case studies - What have we learned thus far?
  • How will open banking make a difference going forward?

Paul Wiebusch 
Leader of Open Data & Open Banking

New banking models; how financial services are currently being deconstructed with services being delivered more effectively by more nimble fintechs

This session will highlight a case study on investment in debt management fintech.

Josh Foreman
Founder / CEO

Kara Frederick
Managing Director
Tiger Financial Group

Closing remarks from the Chair and end of the conference