Day One





Registration and welcome coffee

Opening remarks from the Chair

Dom Pym
Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder

International Keynote – The Future of Digital Banking
  • Envisioning the banking landscape of tomorrow
  • The rise of the tech titans: how should banks respond?
  • How can the traditional banks build collaborative relationships with the new players entering the market
  • Putting the customer first and at the heart of your business operations

Simon Vans-Colina
Co-founder & Engineer/ API & Open Banking Lead
Monzo Bank

Current state of play in digital banking in Australia: A deeper look at the evolving role of technology & innovation in future banking for the Australian landscape

Banking leaders must come together to propel and drive forward change and innovation for the banking sector. With the rise of neo banks coming into the market, it’s more important than ever for traditional banks to drive innovation and digital eco-systems in order to survive and flourish in this ever changing market.

This keynote address will delve into what the coming decade has in store for the banking industry and how new infrastructure and technologies will inspire innovation to further improve customer experience (CX).

Dom Pym
Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder

Panel Discussion: Digitalising Banking or Digital Banking? Tackling the digital banking revolution vs the birth of neo banks

To succeed in the digital age, banks need to radically change – from managing transactions, workflows, designing products to engaging with customers. It’s all about speed, agility and innovation. This discussion will challenge the big banks, financial institutions and building societies on what the future of digital banking entails as neo banks enter the Australian banking industry.

  • Digital transformation – what does this really mean for the customer?
  • Assessing new technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), automation, Blockchain and IoT for the new digital age
  • How digital banking will foster collaboration and innovation between banks, vendors and fintechs 
  • Cutting through the hype of digital banking to deliver superior digital experiences as traditional banks and neo banks go head to head with each other


Dom Pym
Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder


Joseph Healy
Co-founder & CEO
Judo Bank

Lucy Anderson
Head of Payments Innovation
Australian Payments Network

Andrew Clouston
Chief Platform Officer
Volt Bank

Morning tea break

Compliance and Regulation

Regulation for neo banks

With the rise of neo banks entering into the Australian banking market, there has not been a more pressing time for traditional banks to lift their investment in technology to avoid the fate of once-iconic brands that have been wiped out by disruption.

  • Stepping up their investment in operational and information security infrastructure to operate in a safe and sound way for the community
  • Overcoming the challenge to strike the right balance between investing in new technology-based products whilst maintaining older “legacy” systems
  • The rise of “digital wallets” – offering banking without being a bank
  • Cloud computing for future banking: what are the safety and security implications?

Melisande Waterford
General Manager, Regulatory Affairs and Licensing

Panel Discussion: Customer data in the new era of open banking

The new open banking regime and timeline means that banks will need to implement new strategies surrounding customer data. This session explores how to strike the right balance between privacy and transparency.

  • How will banks cope with all the challenges the open banking regime brings?
  • Rethinking traditional business models on customer data and privacy
  • What role do regulators play to ensure a successful roll out?


Dimitrios Salampasis
Director – Master of Financial Technologies
Swinburne University of Technology



Andrew Solomon
Assistant Commissioner, Dispute Resolution
Office of the Australian Information Commission

Stephen Bordignon
Executive Director – Consumer Data Right

Lauren Solomon
Chief Executive Officer
Consumer Policy Research Centre

Gaayathri Periasami
Compliance Manager - Wealth Investment Products
Bendigo & Adelaide Bank Limited


Networking lunch

Rise of the neo banks

Panel Discussion: What will neo banks do to capture market share?

In this session, we’ll explore how neo banks will shake up the banking industry and what it ultimately means for the consumer.

  • Customer First – putting the customer journey at the heart of your operation
  • Customer adoption with the rise of neo banks
  • New skills, new teams – keeping up with recruitment and training
  • Leadership and culture transformation – how workplaces must evolve to adapt to the changes digitisation and neo banks will bring


Dimitrios Salampasis
Director – Master of Financial Technologies
Swinburne University of Technology


Camilla Cooke
Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer

Dom Pym
Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder

Simon Vans-Colina
Co-founder & Engineer/ API & Open Banking Lead
Monzo Bank

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create the ultimate customer experience
  • Effectively utilising data & how AI can create a more accurate, overall customer picture
  • How to drive digital transformation beyond IT to instill a customer centric-focus exploiting emerging technologies; how to anticipate the next wave of tech and business disruption to deliver a new competitive advantage
  • Leveraging big data to create more efficient operations, higher profits and happier customers

Jamie Leach
Chief Executive Officer / Director
Open Data Australia / Deloitte

Afternoon tea break

The rise of neo banks in the Australian banking industry
  • Rethinking regulation and compliance
  • The current state of play for data and privacy issues
  • Customer Experience (CX)
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Innovation & leveraging API’s to create a better world of open banking  

Joseph Healy
Co-founder & CEO
Judo Bank

Closing remarks from the Chair
End of Day One and networking drinks